PMWay web is an ideas sandbox

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PMWay: The Way to Project and Process Management Excellence

In essence know that PMWay is an ideas web site I started in 2009.
The PMWay web at this url ( is a very thin frontend but is up 24/7 for you to get a very quick overview of my interest in ITIL and Project Management Process Improvement on the home page, to view my Portfolio, my CV (credentials) etc. and for you to get into contact with me.

Recently I expanded PMWay to support my Master's of Science research.
The research focus has included software engineering, the people-process-technology triad and ways (project and other methodologies) to improve governance and execution while implementing capability maturity levels.

The presentation icon at the bottom of PMWay's home page gives a quick overview of some of the ideas I have been playing with.

Note that in a short time this web site has grown rapidly.
As such I have decided to home host the site (with new url) which is now the main thicker web currently at over 900 gigabytes in size, filled with thousands of pages and resources as I proceeded with my investigation.
Due to high cost involved in hosting such a large web site I decided to host myself. Note: Unlike the larger web site (with its many resources) is home hosted and not up 24/7!
As such, if I have my server up and running the will be visible to you.
This mode of operation is by design and is suitable for my needs as I will ensure PMWay is up when needed.
If you need me to bring it up for you please contact me.

Ways you can connect with me:
  • Click on the envelope on the menu at the top of this page to fire off a message.
  • You can also email me direct
  • You can also click here to see if my main web is up and running
Keep well.